The Best Marijuana Strains in the World 

Perhaps you are someone who has smoked a lot of weed. We all know those people that are basically always high. I am more of a person that uses cannabis maybe once or twice a week, sometimes more if the opportunity presents itself. However, medical marijuana patients do not always have a choice when it comes to when they want to use cannabis or not. Certain health conditions can prevent patients from being able to complete daily tasks and responsibilities without being in severe pain all the time. What most people do not realize about chronic pain is that it comes and goes whenever it pleases, and usually without warning. Some days, my pain allows me to complete some chores around the house and even mow the lawn – other times, I can’t even get out of bed in the morning. That is why many medical marijuana patients rely on cannabis to find some relief from this sort of pain. I have talked about opioids a lot in the past, but I still think that cannabis could fully replace the demand and addiction that opioid use has created in the United States.

Plus, increased usage of marijuana compared to other synthetic drugs could finally push big pharmaceutical companies to invest more time and energy into making better prescription medications, instead of simply trying to make more money. The important thing about using medical marijuana is understanding which strain to use. Not all strains are created equally, and some are better than others at treating various conditions and ailments. Here is a quick rundown of some of the best strains available for medical marijuana users:

The first cannabis strain that I wanted to talk about is called Purple Kush. If you are someone who is dealing with a lot of pain from day to day, Purple Kush may be a great strain to try. This strain has become very popular in the medical community, and it is well-known to be effective in the realm of pain management and inflammation. Some medical marijuana users testify this strain is the best way to fight back against chronic pain. This strain is more indica dominant, so it’s best to use this before going to bed or when you are winding down for the night. The THC in Purple Kush is said to be extremely calming and promotes euphoric, relaxing highs that just can’t be beat by other Kush strains that are out there. Definitely worth a shot if you ask me. 

Another strain that I have mentioned countless times before is called White Widow – of course it had to make the list! In my opinion, this strain is probably the best for medical marijuana patients that are dealing with pain relief and anxiety or depression. White widow is commonly used for pain relief due to its high CBD content. Cannabis with higher CBD content produces less euphoric highs, but what that also means is it lowers the risk for more THC induced anxiety and paranoia. I highly suggest using White Widow if you are an insomniac and suffer from conditions that cause a lot of pain. This strain is a go to for many medical marijuana patients out there.

The final strain that I want to tell you about is called Fruity Pebbles. This made the list due to it’s extremely hilarious euphoric effects that many people refer to as “laughing gas”. Not only will it help you manage your pain levels, but it will also boost your energy and mood levels, while still helping you to feel more relaxed. 


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