Using Cannabis for Creativity – What’s the Deal?

Ask any American employee who is working in some creative field. Oftentimes, these types of people face some pretty serious roadblocks to actually getting their work done and feeling good about it. There may be a voice in their head telling them that their ideas are not good enough, not unique, and that they are not up to the task of creating whatever it may be. This is something that many people experience and is actually called imposter syndrome. What if there was something that we could use to lighten our mind and help our original ideas to flow more creatively, without the negative and self doubting thoughts that many experience so often? Well, there might be! And it’s called cannabis, baby.

As many of you know, there are generally two strains of cannabis that dominate in today’s market – sativa and indica. When it comes to using marijuana for medical purposes, indica is generally the go to. This is because it can promote healing within the mind and body, and it also helps one to feel more relaxed and calm. Sativa strains, by contrast, are generally more energizing and can even enhance mood levels and creative thinking. Did you know that?

While you may be surprised to learn that weed can increase levels of creativity, you should know that many content creators have been using weed for centuries to help their thoughts flow freely. The reason you have not heard about it is because, well, it has been illegal to talk about! However, now that cannabis is becoming legalized in many states and is generally more accepted in our society, you may begin to notice a trend of using cannabis to help with all sorts of intellectual endeavors. Writing books, screenplays, designing buildings, playing music – the possibilities are endless!

If you think of using cannabis for creativity, you may think of some random pot-head band writing weird psychedelic song lyrics or something like that. There are actually a lot of famous people who have claimed to use marijuana for creative purposes that you would never expect (and some that you would expect). Certain music artists like Jay-Z Miley Cirus, Rihanna, and Doctor Dre have all produced creative music with the help of some nice sativa strains. Other actors and comedians have also admitted to using cannabis regularly for writing jokes, lines, and screenplays. Ever heard of Seth Rogan? You might not be surprised to learn that he loves some good weed when he can get his hands on it.

Just watch the movie Pineapple Express! (which also happens to be a strain of cannabis). If you are not already convinced of the creative benefits that you can find from using marijuana, allow me to introduce you to a more established and prominent writer that also may have used cannabis. Shakespeare’s 40 year-old pipes were actually found in his former home and were said to have contained traces of cannabis. Even Steve Jobs, the original creator of Apple Products, was said to use cannabis to feel more relaxed and creative. 

When it comes to smoking weed for creative purposes, your best bet is to start with some sativa rains. However, you are probably going to want to stick to some hybrids, as too much sativa can cause your thoughts to spew out at random and almost uncontrollably. I remember the first time I smoked weed, it felt like my thoughts were flying by on clouds and I could never grab and articulate them. Using a nice sativa dominant hybrid will help you produce some great creative vibes while still being able to stay grounded on planet Earth, instead of somewhere on Pluto/.


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