Weed season 

You may wonder if there are specific seasons that will help you grow the cannabis better. Some people think that they can grow cannabis at any time, planting at any time of the year and then boom, they get good results. That’s not the case. Weed season matters for a lot of growers, and here, we’ll go over what that is exactly, and why it should be looked at. 

What is it? 

This is the season where people can grow cannabis outside successfully. It’s also when people inside are able to sow, harvest, and grow the cop as well. This is definitely based on the type of bud that you’re growing, since some of them do need more sun than others. But weed season is similar to other horticultural phenomenon. This is similar to how growers of veggies for example are able to grow during similar seasons. You don’t usually start a plant right before the winter season hits, right? You usually do it when the season is about to end, and right before the beginning of the spring. 

What the seasons are 

This is something that does depend on the type of location you’re in. for those who are in the northern hemisphere, this usually is based on the vernal equinox, or the beginning of spring.  This is something that tells growers that they can start growing the seedlings inside under some light, using grow lights to function. 

Depending on the initial final frost date for growing, the growers will usually do outdoor transplant from late April all the way to late may, and the weed season can last up to 8 months, ending frost that happened in October. The southern hemisphere is literally the opposite. It begins in September, which is when their early spring happens, and then, this happens all the way through February and then march, which is basically their autumn and summer. 

In tropical areas, this can vary, however. For some who live near the equator, they can actually do this all the time, since they have 12 hours of daylight, regardless of the season. Plus, since it doesn’t get cold, its humid and warm all the time, which is perfect for the germination of the buds without too much effort. However, one of the downsides to this is that the amount of sunlight can work against them. 

Some photoperiod strains that are from eastern Asia actually need the cues from the season so that they can vegetate, reproduce, and flower, and also need this before the frosts come in. so, you need to make sure that you manufacture this sort of seasonal cycle if you live there such as 12 hours on, 12 hours off, keeping that pattern, and it lets them flower. 

This is also something you need to look at in period where there is daylight all the time, since this can impact the way that they’re able to flower. You do need to be mindful of the mutations that happen with some of these varieties, especially when they start to flower based on cues which are different, making them develop problems as well. 

It’s also important to look at the elevation, which is a huge part of growing. Growing seasons that tend to be shorter at higher levels of elevation are quite common, since the forests will come in, and then leave later or earlier than the season for growing. Both auto flowering and fast-flowering plants are best for those areas. Regardless, the weed season does change based on the type of place you live, so keep that in mind when choosing strains. 


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