States Where Weed is Too Expensive – What’s the Deal?

There are now over 35 states in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana. However, the growing problem that people across the nation are experiencing is the price of cannabis. Some states, typically those that have also legalized recreational cannabis, it is very affordable and easy to buy weed on a regular basis. I live in the great state of Michigan, where weed is legal for medical and recreational users. This means that the price of weed per ounce is much cheaper than other places in the United States. Many of the states that have only legalized medical marijuana programs are seeing much higher prices for cannabis. As a result, some people are simply not able to afford buying the same amount of marijuana that they would be able to afford in other states. So why is this happening? After all, shouldn’t weed prices be somewhat similar throughout all of the United States? Well, in an ideal situation perhaps. However, there are multiple factors involved when it comes to the pricing of cannabis throughout the nation, and one such factor is the concept of competition. States that have only legalized medical marijuana generally have very few medical dispensaries per a certain amount of residents.

This means that they do not have to face competition from other dispensaries around them, meaning that they can jack up the prices at the expense of medical patients just trying to get by. The reason that other states do not have this problem is simply through legalizing recreational marijuana. More and more dispensaries are popping up in my area of Michigan every day, which means competition for these places is only going to get fierce, which drives prices down. Honestly, I love this topic. Who doesn’t love talking about economics and weed at the same time?

So what are some of these states that have such high cannabis prices? Well, fortunately for you, we did some research of our own. And by that I mean, we looked at other people’s research and wrote about it. According to Pablo Zuanic, who is an analyst and managing director at Cantor Fitzgerald, the highest price for cannabis in the United States is in Virginia ($18.60 per gram), and the lowest is $9.75 per gram in some other state that I don’t want to list right now. This is a super valuable insight into how the cannabis industry is working throughout our nation, and to view the disparity between states and their prices for cannabis.

While $18.60 per gram may not seem very shocking at first, it is important to keep in perspective what a medical patient may be paying up front for one ounce ($527!!). When looked at this way, it is easy to see why residents in these states are not particularly happy with the current pricing schemes of medical marijuana. The fact that many people in the United States are turning to medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option is a great thing. However, we are still waiting for the rest of the nation to catch up – insurance companies, employers, state governments, and other entities all need to be on board for medical marijuana to be a prominent and effective treatment option.

While most insurance companies cover health costs like doctors appointments, medications, and opioids (which are very harmful and addictive), medical marijuana is generally not covered, nor are any of the costs associated with it. This means that medical patients using cannabis have to pay out of pocket for all things related to their medical marijuana usage. Hopefully, the federal government will legalize cannabis on a federal level, which will eventually help the prices to go down.