Marijuana and Klonopin 

Klonopin, also known as clonazepam, is a sedative that does have some interactions with cannabis. It can actually desensitize the enzymes within the liver, preventing the metabolization of this of the Klonopin along with other benzos, so it can actually increase the Klonopin within the body, and that can create some bad effects. 

What Klonapin Is 

This is basically a name for clonazepam, which is a tranquilizer that works with other medications. There are other types that are out there. It’s used for anxiety, seizures, panic issues, muscle disorders including restless leg syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease, alcohol withdrawal, and also movement disorders such as fidgeting, and the inability to really sit still. 

This binds directly to your GBAA receptors within the body, and it can increase the effects of this, which can help with anxiety, and also relaxes the body in certain ways. While it is good for epilepsy along with other anxiety disorders, it can create issues with coordination, agitation, addiction, and may also cause an increased risk of suicide for people who take this. About a third of the users of this do develop some form of a dependance, so it’s worth mentioning when looking at this as well. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Mixing 

Benefits of this can be possibly worthwhile for some people, as there are a few positives with this. 

The benefits of this include the following: 

  • There is a high chance that you could replace using this entirely, which helps to reduce the risk for dependance. 
  • CBD and other cannabinoids are actually good for reducing the amount of seizures. It also helps to reduce the need for using this, and also, it’s more tolerable to use CBD for a lot of things and the safety profile is better 
  • There are other terpenes that are in there, and when combined together, it can alleviate anxiety and stress better, along with inflammation. 
  • The withdrawal of cannabis does not have any consequences that are fatal. However, when you withdraw from a benzodiazepine, this can be a very dangerous type of withdrawal. 

The risks are also worth mentioning too, since this can also play a part in it. 

The risks include: 

  • You may have more Klonopin within the body, and it can actually cause more adverse results from this 
  • It can actually increase the amount of sedation that occurs with that, so it’s important to make sure that you do keep that in mind 

Overall, t’s almost better to use this, but if you’re taking very high amounts, mixing this can be a problem, especially since it doesn’t get metabolized as much, and it can put a person at risk for overdosing on this as well. 

What you need to know about this, is that there are some reactions that can be very severe if you do us these tow together. Talk to a doctor before you decide to use this. If you start to use this with cannabis, you may need to taper this, since sudden withdrawal of any kind of benzo is not a smart option, as usually it causes a lot of various problems. 

The bottom line is that there is a chance that there might be a drug interaction, but for some people, this can help with the reduction of this, so it’s something to consider. While it isn’t something easy to get off of, the sooner you get off a benzodiazepine, the better so be mindful of that when you’re choosing to make sure that you get the most out of this, and not make it easier for you to recover.